E-Dinor Partner was established in June, 1995. In the initial period, we have three regular employees, two temporary workers and one second hand van.The shop covered 880sq feet, due to the low financial abolity, we have optimum of stock. At that time we only small size of company.

WIth much effort over the past few year, our company has steadily developed into a larger company. Our company have increased from 880 sq feet to 25000 sq feet, and we have an annual turnover of more than RM 10,000,000. Besides, we have more employees, more branches set up at other place and outsourcing to other company.

In 2012, our company has become much bigger and selling a lot of home electric appliance. We strongly believe, higher achievements are only come from the excellent contribution made by every single employee here. Without their participation, co-operation and commitment, we won't be able to accomplish all the goals within the expected time.



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